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Lower Cholesterol WITHOUT Medication, Just Look To The Sun…Sunflower That Is!

2. Aug 2016

Current medical treatment for High Cholesterol is to prescribe “Statin” medications.

While “Statin” medications have proven to be effective in the fight against atherosclerosis by lowering total serum cholesterol levels, there is supporting evidence that for some individual these types of medication may have a negative effect on the Liver. Thus potentially being harmful and even Life threatening.

Is there a non-medication alternative? There certainly is.

sunflowerLook no further than the Sun, Sunflower that is!

Cardiovascular Benefits provided from the Sunflower kernels natural source of Vitamin E. Sunflower kernels are able to naturally boost your health due to its significant source of Vitamin E, Magnesium and Selenium, each having specific benefits. Let’s focus on vitamin E.

Sunflower kernels are a rich source of Vitamin E, the primary fat-soluble antioxidant occurring in the human body.

So, how does this antioxidant contribute to the prevention of Cardiovascular disease, or atherosclerosis.

Vitamin E is a main antioxidant that is actually found in cholesterol particles. As an antioxidant Vitamin E combats free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol. It is only after cholesterol has been through the oxidation process that it is able to “stick” to the vessel walls causing the onset of atherosclerosis, the leading cause of blocked arteries, heart attack, or ischemic stroke.

*Quickly though with all this talk of oxidation, what in the world is it? A brief medical definition is: a chemical reaction in which oxygen reacts with another molecule, compound or atom producing a new substance, a free radical. These free radicals are the primary cause of cellular damage causing many illnesses and cancers.

With Vitamin E specifically preventing the oxidation of cholesterol, it helps prevent or reduce the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels, that if allowed to build up over time may cause a severe reduction of blood or even a complete blockage of blood flow.

Increasing your intake of natural Vitamin E you will reduce your risk of developing atherosclerosis and ischemic stroke without medications.

Adding Sunflower kernels (Raw is best!) to your daily intake gives you a healthy snack packed with a powerful antioxidant punch!

Don’t forget, there is Selenium and Magnesium with additional benefits. But that’s another health article coming soon.